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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

hard work sometimes gets lost in the shuffle

so i made a discovery these past 2 weeks...i can draw. and draw pretty well if i do say so myself! i mean, i took art in high school, but that teacher hated me, and i mean HATED me, so he always gave me bad grades on even good drawings, so needless to say i was discouraged in the art department. until recently all i've done regarding art is painting and adding to already made stuff, like boxes, scrapbooks, and pretty much anything i can get my hands on that's wood...but now i've moved onto canvas. i started working on a painting for my friends and it was coming you can see here (this is just the outline) Image Hosted by i started the coloring in on friday. it was coming along. i was terrified that i would mess it up though. but i was doing ok. meanwhile mom found that thumper, the newest addition to our family, was missing. so we implemented a search party. nila, shawn, ethan and i all helped to look for him, but alas, he was nowhere to be found. naia had stayed behind at the house because for some reason the girl cannot keep clothes on when we're home, so she could not join the search for us. my painting was in the living room where i had left it for the few minutes i was gone. when i came back in naia came running out of the living room and i felt a rock drop in my gut...because i knew she had been up to something. especially when my paints are out, she knows she's not supposed to touch them, but she does anyway. i went in and lo and behold, she had put her little touch on it...on parts that can be fixed, but will take more work because the background was already done but now i have to redo it. and now, NOW, i can't find it. i have absolutely no idea where it is. i've looked all over my house to no avail. ::sigh:: i think i'm losing it. well, i've lost SOMETHING.


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