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Saturday, January 14, 2006


December 015
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That circle of life crap…it’s so true. I am starting to realize this as the adults around me age. As if I’m not an adult too. Okay, I’ll refer to them as the more seasoned generation of my family.

The most noticeable aging is with Grandma. I realize how fortunate we are to have a very physically healthy grandma. She’s even capable of babysitting a rambunctious 4 year old even though she’s 86 yrs old. The problem at this point is her old-timers (as she likes to call Alzheimer’s). Although she is in the early stages, it is so frustrating and sad. The other day Mal and I forced her to go to Denny’s with us. She protested as she always does, but we went there anyway, as we were driving and had the power. Whahahaha! While we waited to order, she came up with every excuse why she couldn’t eat. “I don’t eat this early, mija” So I lied and told her, “Grandma, it’s so late, it’s already 10:00 (it was really 9:00)”. Thank God there were no clocks nearby, because by golly, she looked for one. Mal said to just order the senior slam for her. Just order it! Meanwhile, grandma continues to insist “I can’t eat. I’m not hungry” over and over again. We ordered it. Just like if she was a child. She scarfed it all down and wiped her plate clean with toast.

As scary as it is, the roles are reversing, and I’m still in denial that I’m 33, or an adult for that matter. The worst part of this circle of life crap is that someday one of the bratty younger generations of my family might be writing something like this about me. Ughh. What horror.


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