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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The End of an Era

December 008
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Progress is all around us. Everywhere you look there are new buildings going up, roads are being newly paved, and we have a new light rail coming to town. None of these changes have affected our lives...until now.

Travis just found out that his one and only hang out, McDuffy's is closing. He can't believe it. Now where will he go to escape? Now where will I send him when I want him out of the house?

McDuffy's had a lot to offer you see. They have, or should I say had big screen TV's all over, playing every sport imaginable, never ending supply of alcohol, and the best part for Travis: off track betting. I don't completely agree with the use of animals for our entertainment, but I choose my battles.

It seems that Mill Ave., which was once upon a time, a unique shopping experience, is now just like any other outdoor mall in America.

On any given night you can drive down Mill Ave. and see all type of people. From transients selling their wares, such as hemp jewelry, to teenagers out for a night of action. Oh and you have your requisite drunk college co-eds.

I worked on Mill Ave. 10 years ago at an environmental store called Everything Earthly. We sold all organic cotton clothing, stuff made out of hemp , shoes made out or recycled material, natural soaps, etc. The transition of Mill started back then when they opened up a McDonald's accross the street, with a Hooters upstairs. We were up in arms, and protested. We knew this was the demise of the mom and pop shops that lined the street, and sure enough, none of the mom and pop shops remain, except for a few. It's funny that a few of the remaining mom and pop shops are "head" shops. I guess people can make a good living hawking bongs and incense.

The greatest loss was when my favorite book store Chaning Hands moved. I guess they raised they're rent, so a lot of the businesses couldn't afford it anymore.

And now, McDuffy's will cease to exist, and my husband might have to go back to hanging out at the Horse and Hound. I'm sure he doesn't want to do that since he's been protesting that place ever since he was treated badly for placing such small bets. What's a guy to do?

Don't get me wrong, Mill Ave. is still a great place to go, especially if you're a tourist. I mean they have Abercrombie and Fitch and a Borders. I know, that's impressive. I guess the shopping now sucks on Mill, but there are many great eating experiences to be had. RA Sushi bar, My Big Fat Greek Restaurant, and In Season Deli, to name a few.

I do still love Mill Ave, and have to come here often since I work here, once again. It just sucks when your favorite places have to close down to make room for the next great money maker. In the case of McDuffy's, it's closing down to make room for a 36 story apartment building. Yay for progress: NOT!
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